Gold brooches for the hijab: Too wasteful or not?

Although the pins were used for a long time to hold the hijab in place, these pins were part of the collections of artificial jewelry or sterling silver. The latest trend in these hijab pins came in the form of gold. Now I like to pick the nice pins and color coordinates with my hijabs, but at the same time they are not too flashy, and I try to find pins that are not too expensive as I often lose them. In any case, when I saw the gold brooches as Accessoires hijab, I had to wonder if they were extravagant.

Although it is a necessary part of a Muslim’s clothing, the hijab must be simple and important. My understanding of our religion leads me to question the motives behind decorating the scarves with shiny gold brooches, while Islam preaches modesty and simplicity. Why do Muslim women feel the need to work with expensive items? Why are simple pins not enough to protect hijabs?

It turns out that not all people share my opinion on these issues. When talking to friends who also wore hijabs, I realized that for some people, these pins are a way to express themselves. Since earrings and necklaces are invisible when wearing headgear, these women feel the need to adorn themselves with exquisitely crafted gold brooches that anyone can see. Also, wealthy women want to showcase their wealth in front of others, and this is only a small way to achieve this.

In my opinion, however, it remains stuck on these hijabs, magnificent and studded with jewels that appear around the world, as I believe that a Muslim woman has to dress with taste, but at the same time with clothes and hijab accessories that do not attract much attention. These are the things which the Messenger of Allah preached to us and what Allah loves. These protocols must be adhered to be a good Muslimah. It does not make it a crime to dress well, but an extreme exposure of gold in the form of large pins may seem a bit over the top.